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To make you feel at home

 To make you feel at home, each member of our staff will serve you wholeheartedly.
As a smaller accomodation facility, we are working to cherish relashionships with our guests in a way that larger hotels cannot.


Please use as if you live here

 Condominio Hotels provide amenities and equipment neccesary so that you "feel like you live here".
Rooms are in Northern European simple modern style and built spaciously so that you can relax.

Reasonable Prices

 The best location at the most reasonable price.

Pleasing your loved ones

 We are working wholeheartedly so that your loved ones who accompany you would say delightedly, "Thank you for booking this room".
Please feel free to let us know your requests during your stay.
We would be grateful if you choose Condominio Hotels for valuable time with your loved ones.